Partnership Puts 0% Selling Fees in Play

Long-time sports card and memorabilia agent Just Collect Inc. and eBay have partnered to offer eBay’s first 0% Commission Consignment Program.  The new concept is for sellers who are looking to sell sports cards worth more than $1,000 without the unknown risk.

The idea allows sellers to set the price they want for each card consigned, knowing they’ll either get that amount or get their card back.

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle sold by Just CollectJust Collect will market the card and attempt to sell it for their price or more. There is no commission charged to the consignor at the time of sale – if the card sells, the consignor receives 100% of his guaranteed price.  If the card does not sell, the card is returned to the consignor or the consignor can lower their price and try again.

There is an upfront fee ranging from $60 to $100 per card to list the card and cover Just Collect’s administrative costs of preparing their marketing messages and the work of listing the card. However, there is no commission charged to the consignor on the back end.  The seller receives the guaranteed price they have set.

1957 Topps Frank Robinson rookie card“We would love to get every card to sell at no reserve auction, and we sell hundreds of cards every week at no reserve,” said Just Collect’s Scott Greenwald.  “However, in the current economy, consignors are sometimes hesitant to commit to auctioning a card without a reserve if it is particularly expensive and rarely sold.  In these cases, the consignor is likely to see a higher bottom line if they allow us to market the card for up to 90 days instead of auctioning it over 7 to 10 days.  On cards that do sell frequently and generally sell within a given range, the consignor is likely going to do fine selling it at no reserve.”

The program allows collectors to sell their most important cards for top dollar with no risk involved.

“We talked with our eBay Top Selling Account Manager and he thought this was one of the most creative ideas he has heard,” said Greenwald.  “eBay is very supportive of new models that result in bringing additional listings and traffic to them.”

T206 Eddie PlankAs every dealer and collector knows, however, finding the ‘right’ price level for any card is often difficult.  However, Just Collect found that working directly with clients helps reach the right conclusion.

Thus far, the program has seen several major sales.  A T206 Eddie Plank SGC Authentic ($17,500), a 1971 Topps #400 Hank Aaron PSA 10 pop 1 ($10,250), a 1957 Topps #35 Frank Robinson Rookie SGC 96 ($6,500), an M101-2 Sporting News Supplement Shoeless Joe Jackson BVG 3 ($1,750) and a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 60 (undisclosed price).

“We start with the price the customer wants and research the card to determine how achievable it is,” Greenwald explained.  “If the customer has a reasonable price in mind, we are all set.  If the customer’s price is unreasonable, we will recommend a more reasonable price.”   By charging an upfront fee, the company eliminates those who want to simply toss cards on the market in hopes of landing the rogue buyer with lots of money.

Sporting News Supplement Joe JacksonFor the upfront fee, Just Collect will feature its consigned cards in its weekly newsletters sent to a list of 35,000 collectors.  They also create a specialized email featuring each seller’s consigned cards and privately contact their best clients for particular cards to try and broker a private transaction.

“We believe that our traditional no reserve model works best for 99% of the cards on the market,” Greenwald said.  “However, for particularly significant, rare cards that are seldom traded, we can often realize a higher payment for our consignor by marketing the card as a Buy It Now over a period of time.”

You can see some of the cards currently available on the company’s  eBay listing page.