Panini Plans for First Basketball Card Set

2009 Prestige Basketball Pau Gasol The NBA will hand its exclusive license for trading cards to Panini late this summer and the Euro-based maker is ready to show off its goods.

Panini America officials have revealed details and images from their first official NBA launch, 2009 Prestige. Releasing the first week of October, the set will include the first fully licensed rookie cards of the new NBA draft class, as well as exclusive autographs from Panini America spokesmen Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough, Jordan Hill, Brandon Jennings and Hasheem Thabeet.

A closer look at the program courtesy of the company’s public relations machine is below followed by a look at some of the cards:

Total Base Set Cards (including rookies): 250 total cards – 150 base common cards and 100 rookie cards

SRP per pack: $4.00

Release Date: October 7, 2009


4 Autograph and/or Memorabilia Cards


Draft Pick Rights (100)

Signatures from the top NBA rookies can be found on these cards.

Preferred Signatures & Materials (10)

Signatures and materials from the NBA’s top names.

NBA Draft Class (36)

This insert features some of the top prospects and performers from the 2009 NBA Draft Class, including signed embroidered Draft and NBA patches.

Stars of the NBA (20)

The stars of the NBA are included in this insert.

Stat Stars (20)

This insert features the top statistical performers from the 2008-2009 NBA season.

Connections (10)

This insert features the NBA’s top duos.

Hardcourt Heroes (20)

The top players of the hardcourt are featured here.

Prestigious Pros (50)

Some of the most dynamic players in the NBA are featured in this insert.

Prestigious Picks (50)

This insert features the cream of the crop from the 2009 NBA Draft, including collegiate – game-used material cards.

Inside The Numbers (10)

Take a look inside the numbers of the 2008-2009 NBA season.

True Colors (10)

This insert includes NBA players with their NBA Team Colors.

Old School (18)

This insert features some of the legendary players from the NBA.

Playmakers (18)

This insert features some of the NBA’s top game changers.

Super Sophs (9)

The top rookies from the 2008-2009 NBA season are featured in this insert.

Franchise Favorites (27)

This insert features some of the game’s fan favorites.