Palin, Biden Join Trading Card Party

2008 Upper Deck Sarah Palin baseball card

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin is wearing a tiara and totes a fishing pole atop a dog sled in Upper Deck’s upcoming baseball card release. Democrat Joe Biden gets the vintage treatment.

Topps has also produced two Palin cards for its upcoming Highlights & Updates set.

Just as quickly as the announcements were made surrounding the vice-presidential selections in this year’s race to the White House, Upper Deck was fast at work producing short-printed trading cards of both V.P. candidates. The Democrats struck first when Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama announced on August 22 that longtime Delaware Senator Joe Biden would be his choice. The Republicans countered a week later with the surprise announcement that first-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be John McCain’s running mate.

“Our goal is always to be timely and topical,” said Kerri Stockholm, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Marketing. “And with so much at stake in this year’s election, we thought it was only fitting that we produce a pair of cards chronicling the vice-presidential candidates to go along with our earlier cards of the presidential candidates.”

The new pair of illustrated cards – numbered PP-15 (Palin) and PP-16 (Biden) – brings to a close Upper Deck’s 2008 “Presidential Predictors” series of insert cards. The rare cards will be sprinkled into random packs (SRP: $4.99) of Upper Deck’s SP Authentic Baseball release next week.

Biden is depicted as longtime Washington Senator’s pitcher Walter Johnson, 2008 Upper Deck Joe Biden baseball card a seasoned veteran who’s looking for the biggest win of his career. Palin, meanwhile, is shown rounding the bases near the White House in a most unusual manner – atop a dogsled and sporting a tiara – a fitting portrayal for a candidate who’s determined to blaze new trails.

“The caricatures are great,” added Stockholm. “We’ve taken some liberties with both of the VP candidates, but we believe collectors will see the cards as entertaining as well as informative.”

In February, Upper Deck produced a unique, eight-card “Presidential Predictors” insert set within its Series 1 Baseball release. The illustrated parodies showed several of the top candidates in rare form by tying each to a pivotal moment or personality from baseball’s glorious history.

In June, once the Republicans decided on McCain and the Democrats were down to selecting either Obama or Hillary Clinton, Upper Deck depicted the remaining candidates in its Series Two Baseball launch as participants in some of Major League Baseball’s most notable flare-ups. One of those quarrels showed Yankees right-fielder Lou Piniella (Obama) trading punches with Boston catcher Carlton Fisk (McCain) from 1976 under the headline: The Economy.

The tiara-wearing governor version will have a limited print run and can be found nation-wide the second week of October in packs of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights.

2008 Topps Sarah Palin Earlier this year, Topps issued a 12-card insert in its 2008 Topps Baseball product called “Campaign 2008” featuring Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and nine other presidential hopefuls.

Wednesday, Topps announced that it has added an additional subject to the set…Republican VP hopeful Sarah Palin. But her card will have a twist.

Palin will have 2 cards: Pictured as you see her today and pictured as an Alaskan Beauty Queen.

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