Pack Break of the Week: 1984 Fleer Baseball

There was quite a buzz around the hobby in the spring of 1984.  Donruss and Fleer had gained traction in the marketplace and there were some new rookies ready to make a splash at the big league level.   While Topps cards could be found just about anywhere you looked, Fleer and Donruss were a little harder to locate.

After utilizing a beige colored border in ’83, Fleer went to a clean white look in ’84 with the player’s name in a blue strip across the bottom.  Once again there were 660 cards in the set and the photography was very good.  There were some nutty cards in this one:  Glenn Hubbard with the snake around his neck.  Jay Johnstone wearing a Budweiser umbrella-hat.

Collectors were focused on the rookie crop, though.  Darryl Strawberry and Don Mattingly were sharing headlines in New York papers.  Big things were predicted for Tony Fernandez, Andy Van Slyke and a few others who, it turned out, had solid, if not quite Hall of Fame caliber careers.

1984 Fleer packs originally sold for a quarter and consisted of 15 cards plus a logo sticker.   There were 36 packs in each box.

Our Pack Break of the Week courtesy of the folks at Just Collect takes us back 30 years.  Watch below.  If you can’t see the video, click here.

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