PA Man Says He Has Mazeroski’s ’60 World Series Jersey

The ball has been lost to history but the jersey Bill Mazeroski was wearing the day he hit the home run that won the World Series is apparently alive, well and living in a secure location somewhere near Pittsburgh.

Orthopedic surgeon Mitch Antin rescued it from, of all places, use as a car wash rag some thirty years ago.

Mazeroski jersey

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It seems a good friend of Antin’s who was a scout, was just about to scrub his car with it when Antin came by and told him not to mess with what he recognized as a piece of Pittsburgh sports history.  Actually, it’s much more than that, but for a guy who breathed Pirate baseball, it was a treasure worth hanging onto.

The jersey tagging, according to Antin, is dated September 1960.  Mazeroski, who hit the dramatic last inning blast to win the 1960 World Series at Forbes Field, even attested to its authenticity when he signed it at a Robert Morris card show around 1990.

Antin isn’t looking to cash in because of what the jersey represents to the city.

“It was part of the renaissance that brought Pittsburgh out of the Dark Ages. It shattered the stereotype of Pittsburgh being a dirty steel town,” he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in this story.


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