Owed Money, Attorneys Withdraw

The law firm representing memorabilia dealer Peter Nash in a case involving the proposed auction of a 1912 Red Sox World Series trophy says they’re bailing out.

Three lawyers from the Hoboken firm ChronakisSiachos LLC filed papers in New Jersey Superior Court recently, indicating they hadn’t been paid for their services during June, July, August and September.

Peter G. Siachos, Phillip C. Chronakis and Erin L. Henderson had en representing Nash in his dispute with former friends Robert Fraser and Lisa Koch-Fraser over the couple’s proposed sale of a 1912 Red Sox World Series trophy in 2008.  They had filed suit last year stating Nash’s claim of partial ownership caused the team to cease plans to sell it through Guernsey’s and also claimed to have been threatened with physical violence over the matter.

The attorneys say despite repeated attempts to collect $20,000 of a $25,000 retainer, they still haven’t been paid.

It’s the second time attorneys for Nash have withdrawn as counsel.  Another lawyer representing Nash in a legal battle with Robert Edward Auctions, left the case in 2009, telling a judge his firm was owed nearly $45,000.

Last month, a New York judge ruled that Nash and his wife were in contempt of court for not providing court-ordered financial documents to REA.  The Nashes have until late November to come up with tax records and other material in order to avoid possible arrest.

The New York Daily News offers more details on the latest developments in a series of ongoing court filings.