Ouch: Passionate Braun Collector Feels Jilted

It had been a long time since Milwaukee had a baseball superstar.  Robin Yount had been retired for more than a dozen years when Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun arrived, the products of a once-potent farm system.  After a few growing pains, the Brew Crew became a contender.   The franchise couldn’t afford to keep both around, though.   They let Fielder fly away during free agency and hung on to Braun, the hard-hitting, speedy, versatile player who always seemed to get the clutch hit.

Ryan BraunHe seemed like the type of guy you could build around for years; a natural talent.

Then came Tuesday.

It was a dark day for all fans, darker for Brewers backers and a pitch black day for anyone deeply invested in Ryan Braun memorabilia.

Nick Yohanek was really deep.

The Watertown, WI man built a Braun shrine in his house, collecting game-worn items and proudly showing them off.

He spent a lot of money.

Watch below and you’ll see that he at least has a backup plan for filling the space, but…



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