OSU vs Michigan Programs Sold Out; Reprinted

2006 Ohio State vs Michigan game program Ohio State’s players and coaches did not underestimate Michigan last Saturday. The same cannot be said about their knowledge of ravenous collectors and entrepreneurs.


Long before eBay, you could walk up to nearly every college or pro football stadium before even the biggest games and buy a program. Not so anymore where schools and teams continue to be clueless about the collecting/eBay value.

Latest case in point was in Columbus, OH Saturday where THE Ohio State university, was left with a lot of disappointed die-hard fans who got shut out searching for a program on game day. It seems the school ordered only 25,000 back in the spring, not knowing how big the game would become. Those programs, often bought by the box full are generally selling for $20-45 each on eBay.

Now, they’re reprinting the programs with a special "game wrap" section. So which would you rather have? The ‘real’ program, of which 25,000 are floating around…or the newer, nicer version, which technically isn’t a "game program" since it was never sold at the stadium (at least in our opinion) but is in shorter supply (at least until they reprint more). And the big question….if they can reprint them now…why couldn’t they print more of the originals two weeks ago? And if that isn’t possible, why aren’t teams limiting sales to a reasonable number per person?