Original T206s, Colgans Chips Fall From Pittsburgh Home’s Rafters

Are there still decades-old baseball cards and other treasures hiding in America’s attics?  Remarkably, the answer is yes—but at least some of them have just been found.

Tribune-Review photo

Tribune-Review photo

It’s not the ‘Black Swamp Find’ but this story is awfully cool.

A Pittsburgh newspaper reporter refurbishing the old house he moved into ran across quite a find, although the monetary value won’t be the stuff dreams are made of because of what the original owner did to them back in the early 1900s.

Chris Togneri still came away with a tremendous conversation piece.

If nothing else, his story reaffirms the love affair fans have had with baseball—and baseball cards—for more than a century.

Read it—and see the pictures of the T206s that literally fell from the rafters—here.