Original Maple Leaf Gardens Memorabilia Back on Block

Memorabilia from the old Maple Leaf Gardens is on the auction block—again.

After Toronto’s NHL team left for the Air Canada Center in 1999, hundreds of items were sold.  One of the biggest buyers was a wealthy season ticket holder named Sherm Cunningham.  He spent a half million dollars then but now, he’s decided to flip it all.

Frozen Pond is handling the sale, a month-long event online.

Owner Hersh Borenstein says one of the most valuable items on the block is the Maple Leafs’ 1967 Stanley Cup banner.  Cunningham bought it for $66,000, but Borenstein thinks it could bring six figures this time.

Retired number banners, vintage photo collages of championship teams, penalty boxes—even a toilet from the Leafs’ dressing room.  Much of it hung in the arena since the Gardens opened decades  ago.  The team created new décor when it moved into the new building.

Watch the video and learn a little more about the items via the Globe & Mail.