Opening Cards With Jefferson Burdick

A pilgrimage to the grave of the greatest card collector of all-time.

You’ve opened a fresh box of cards or ten this year.

Maybe you’ve even videotaped the historic events and bored everyone to tears offered it on YouTube.

But if you’ve got a true passion for the history of collecting, you don’t just sit at your kitchen table and turn on the camcorder.

You get in the car and go looking for the gravesite of one of the guys on card collecting’s Mt. Rushmore: Jefferson Burdick.

Stale Gum’s Chris Harris did just that, toting a box of Bowman. His pilgrimage was successful thanks to the efforts of a fellow cemetery visitor and the whole thing–video included—made the Syracuse newspaper.

Even if you can’t make it through the half-box break–and you’re crying "tripod!" early on, you’ve got to give them all an "A" for effort.