One-of-a-Kind Ali Ring Returned to Champ’s Ex-Wife

The ring given to Muhammad Ali after he became boxing’s first three-time heavyweight champion, has been returned to his second wife.

Ali, who had lost to Leon Spinks, won a rematch in September of 1978 in the Superdome to claim the title for a third separate time.

Veronica Porsche, married to Ali for ten years, had been battling a woman in court over ownership of the ring.  Porsche said she loaned it in 2004 to Dr. William Young, who treated Ali at one time and was battling cancer.

When Young died, his wife left town and Porsche lost track of her.  Eventually, she was found but Phyllis Young claimed the valuable ring had been a gift from Porsche, not an inspirational token to be returned as the champ’s former wife claimed.

Divorced from Ali since 1986, Porsche said the ring belongs with the family and a California judge agreed with that assessment on Tuesday, according to this story from CNN, which also tells us where it’s going to wind up.