One Finger Salute on Pirates Bobble Head?

Tom Gorzelanny bobblehead The poor Pirates. Four weeks into the season and all anyone wants to talk about is the Tom Gorzelanny bobble head that appears to be flying the bird.

Billy Martin is pictured on his 1972 Topps card with middle finger extended on a bat. You’d have to live in a cave not to know the story of the 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken card. Last year, it looked like Leon Washington was offering the double bird on his Bowman football card (he said it was an ‘e’ for East Jacksonville).

The latest entry in potentially obscene sports memorabilia comes from a rather innocent bobblehead promotion done by the Pittsburgh Pirates last weekend.

Like many players, Tom Gorzelanny sticks his index finger out of his glove.

Ah, but the new nodder given to fans at PNC Park seemed to have the wrong digit extended.

It’s created a bit of a buzz in Pittsburgh–where WTAE-TV had its hands all over the finger story.



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