One Family Owner Tobacco Card Stash to Enter Market

A collection of over 300 tobacco cards will enter the market for the first time after being sold by members of a California family that has owned them for more than a century.

T206 cardsNew Jersey-based Just Collect purchased the collection and has sent dozens of the cards to PSA for grading and authentication, then plans to market them through its weekly eBay auctions.

The cards had been passed down through generations of a family after being collected during the years of issue.

The collection is comprised primarily of T206 cards and includes numerous Hall of Famers such as Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Nap Lajoie, Addie Joss, Three Finger Brown, Ed Walsh and Roger Bresnahan.

Cy Young T206 miscutThe most interesting card, however, is a Cy Young that was miscut top to bottom.  Growing in popularity as advanced collectors research the printing process for the popular 1909-1911 era set, miscut cards often reveal how the cards were aligned on the sheet.  Just Collect will have the Young card on display at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland later this summer.

The T206 cards have mostly Piedmont backs with 12 Old Mill Southern Leaguers included.  Other tobacco sets including E91 and T210 are also included in the find.

You can see the cards in the video below.

The sellers plan to use a large portion of the proceeds from the sale of the collection to support a ministry they started 11 years ago called Mission One Million, which helps orphaned and abandoned children in the third world.

Once returned from its boomerang back to California-based PSA, Just Collect will offer them over the course of several upcoming weekly eBay auctions.   The company says it has spent more than $10 million in the past decade.