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Olympic Hockey Pucks Could Be Scarce

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A tight lid is being kept on pucks from what should be a hotly-contested gold medal chase in Vancouver.

The official 2010 hockey puck from the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver was released on Wednesday. The game-used pucks are a big favorite among die-hard hockey collectors, but this year's models will be much arder to find.

Just 3,000 of the Sherwood-made pucks have been created for use. About 2/3 of those will be used during the men's tournament featuring some of the biggest international NHL stars. Another third will be used in the women's gold medal competition. The Paralympics will receive about 400.

All pucks will be kept in a secure, locked area by the off-ice officials' crew, who will bring a certain number to the arena before each game.

Pucks that wind up scoring goals will be given to that team. It's possible some will fly into the stands in Vancouver during games or warmups. The Hockey Hall of Fame will house some of the major artifacts from these games which will likely mean at least a few will wind up there.

However, there are no plans to sell or auction any official 2010 Olympic pucks to the public.

Collector pucks with various Olympic logos are already on sale.


  1. hockeypucks says:

    Of course they putted and still put them on ebay and pushed the prices too with a lot of fake accounts. I never saw such an greedy organization like this vancouver olympic office.

    SHAME on you!!! The fans and the collectors or just the public is the blood you’re living from!!!

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