Old Timers Respond to Kids’ TTM Autograph Project

Not all ten year-old kids spend their time playing video games.

Schoolwork isn’t always a depressing bore. For a pair of Massachusetts ten year-olds, it’s opened a new window to history.

Max and Lucas Kerman are big baseball fans but not until they read a book about the Negro Leagues did they know the whole story. Impressed by the men who paved the way for Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby and other pioneers, the Kerman kids took their classroom study to a new level.

With the help of their parents and a little internet research, they drew up a list of addresses for surviving Negro League players to let them know they were appreciated and maybe get a few autographs in the process.

The project has been a big success. “We’ve got the mailman into it,’’ said the boys’ father, Scott Kerman.

According to the story in the Boston Globe, it’s only taken about five weeks to see results.