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Old Super Bowl Tickets Bringing Big $

They’re pricey enough when they’re actually being used to get into a game. The after-market is sometimes just as hot for high quality full tickets and stubs from Super Bowls past.

Even if you didn’tt get into the game you can still have a ticket to the Super Bowl and the value of old Super Bowl tickets in nice shape isn’t going down anytime soon.

Plenty of tickets are offered to collectors but only those smart enough to have really taken care not to damage the souvenir have a chance to land some big money with a Super Bowl ticket.

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Rich is the editor and founder of Sports Collectors Daily. A broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years and a collector for even longer than that, he's usually typing something somewhere. Type him back at [email protected].


  1. You could try contacting one of the businesses on our website and having them auctioned or try to sell them.

  2. Lisa Mae says:

    So if I have 2 tickets how do I go about selling them?
    Do u collect?

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