Old Major League Ballparks Focus of New Site

Grab a piece of baseball’s past with a visit to a new website that’s all about some of the most well-known old ballparks of all-time.

You might not be able to sit in some of them anymore, but you can appreciate old Major League ballparks for what they once were thanks to a new website.

Vintage Ballparks offers baseball fans the opportunity to learn about some of the game’s most memorable old stadiums. The site also offers direct links to ballpark memorabilia on eBay and Amazon.com including stadium seats for sale, ballpark models, books and other items.

Collecting stadium memorabilia has become one of the fastest growing segments of the sports memorabilia hobby. In recent years, numerous older parks have been torn down while others are in the process of destruction. Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Yankee and Shea Stadiums in New York, County Stadium in Milwaukee, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh and Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati have all been replaced in the past decade alone. Comiskey Park in Chicago was among those that met the wrecking ball in the 1990s. Salvaged stadium seats for sale have proven to be a big drawing card for fans and collectors.

Fans who grew up in the 1940s and 50s have fond memories of the Polo Grounds (New York City) and Ebbets Field (Brooklyn). Cub fans adore Wrigley Field and Red Sox fans consider Fenway Park to be their shrine. Both have survived nearly a century of use and continue to draw legions of baseball fans who aren’t necessarily fans of the team, but make the pilgrimage to see living history in ballparks that have hosted players from Babe Ruth to Albert Pujols.

Over 20 old ballparks are featured on the site, with background information on each.

Vintage Ballparks offers real-time auctions via its partnership with eBay.com, giving fans and collectors the chance to bid on items associated with nearly two dozen popular current and former Major League stadiums without having to sort through the thousands of other sports collectibles hosted on the main site.

Vintage Ballparks has also partnered with Amazon.com to offer additional stadium collectibles for sale via the nation’s largest online retailer.