Ohio State Gold Pants Show Up on Pawn Stars

Ohio State football has been the talk of the sports world for the first 13 weeks of 2011.  Not the kind of attention you crave, though.  While the NCAA probes the sale of memorabilia by players, the History Channel’s popular Ohio State gold pantsPawn Stars reality show got its own dose of the players-only memorabilia story when a man showed up with two pairs of “gold pants”, the special award given to players after victories over Michigan.

The episode aired Monday night but was likely taped several weeks ago.

The pants date from the Buckeyes’ 2002 and 2008 wins and according to the seller, they were obtained through a private collector.

How did he get them?  That’s what inquiring minds are trying to determine.

In December five current Ohio State student-athletes were found to have sold championship rings, jerseys and other equipment for cash, a violation of NCAA rules.  Star quarterback Terrelle Pryor and teammate Solomon Thomas were among those who sold items including pairs of the gold pants.  While the pants sold on the show pre-date Pryor, determining who they belonged to and when they were sold is something investigators will likely be looking into.

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas is home base for the show.  In Monday’s episode, a man offers owner Rick Harrison two pairs of the charm-sized award that has quite a history behind it.  Harrison is aware of their scarcity and the two begin to talk deal.

Would they come to an agreement?  Click below to find out.

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