Ohio Shop Robbed; Owner Miffed

A small town shop gets hit by burglars who knew the owner wasn’t around. Are the local cops doing enough to find the crooks?

Wapakoneta, Ohio is small enough that the local sports card shop doubles as a sandwich and ice cream store. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of some valuable stuff.

Owner Greg Lones took off for a short vacation back in early June, only to discover the place had been robbed when he got back. $55,000 worth of cardboard and collectibles walked out the door but so far no arrests have been made.

In fact, Lones says he’s been left out of the loop by the local police department and he’s wondering why a more thorough investigation wasn’t done.

Card shop robberies have happened in a couple of places this year. Arrests were made in Orange Park, FL and Mechanicsburg, PA.