Official World Series Paintings Pricey, Rare

Much like the rings handed out on the field and the parade through town, one of baseball’s treasured traditions of a World Series win is the team’s celebration painting by official artist Opie Otterstad.

Fans and collectors will have the chance to add one to their collection when the Major League Baseball-sanctioned 2010 painting of the San Francisco Giants’ win is revealed on April 22.

They’re not cheap, but they’re in high demand with baseball insiders and players themselves.  Otterstad has created a painting of the World Series winning team for each of the last ten years.

This year’s paintOfficial 2010 World Series paintinging is a 40×60 canvas that captures the Giants’ winning moment.  Fan favorite Brian Wilson, Rookie of the Year Buster Posey, and starting pitcher/Series clincher Tim Lincecum are front and center in the painting.  Lincecum is giving the “we’re number one” gesture.

Otterstad tried to capture the the energy of the moment the Giants ended their 56-year championship drought and gave San Francisco its first Series championship.

“I’m so excited; I’m like a little kid. I think this is the most exciting thing that I’ve ever been a part of,” said the die-hard Giants fan.

Giants fans will have the chance to view the painting in person when it’s unveiled on April 22 at LC Gallery, located in San Francisco’s Westfield Centre.  Otterstad will be in town to do a meet-and-greet with fans at LC Gallery in the Westfield Centre on April 29 and at Lipary Collectibles in Martinez on April 30.

Otterstad’s World Series paintings are traditionally made into a limited edition of prints. Only 210 prints will be made this year (to represent the winning year 2010). Many typically go to the players, but unlike the other traditions such as the ring, this is one that true fans can take part in. About half the edition is already pre-sold, and the value is likely to rise, according to LC Collectibles’ Steven Lipary.

LC Galleries, which recently signed Posey to an autograph deal, was chosen to be the exclusive vendor for the World Series painting.  It will be only gallery in the world to show the painting and offer the limited edition prints to the fans.

175 “Regular Edition” numbered prints will be made. These 28×40 prints are hand-embellished true giclée on canvas. “Regular Edition” prints will sell for $1,750. 25 “World Series Edition” proofs will be created, representing the 25 players on the active roster during the Series. They are also 28×40 true giclée, and will sell for $1,950. 10 “Exhibition Edition” prints, measuring 40×60, will be available for $5,500. The original will also be for sale.