Officer Who Took Cards Fights to Get Job Back

The Phoenix police officer who lost her job after walking out of a local home with some abandoned vintage baseball cards has been reinstated.

The house was abandoned and officers Marysol Larrison and Al Jackson were having a look around earlier this spring when they spotted some vintage baseball cards stuck to a door. The officers unstuck the cards and left with them.

If you’ll recall our link from earlier this spring, It turned into quite a brouhaha in Phoenix, with both officers forced off the job, even though the cardboard wasn’t exactly minty.

Jackson was close enough to retirement that he walked away without facing the music, but the younger officer was dismissed from the force for "unprofessional conduct".

She’s fighting the decision and says she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong since the home was in foreclosure. Now, the Phoenix PD has brought her back to the force, but KPHO-TV says she’s still facing some disciplinary action.