Obama Also Winning Baseball Card Race?

Hillary Clinton Topps Presidential Cut Signature card Polls, schmolls.

The true test of a candidate’s popularity might be manifesting itself on trading cards.

Presidential candidates have overshadowed some of the subjects who actually have professional baseball experience in this year’s first baseball card releases, but with or without batting averages on the back, they might still be tellling a story.

Topps’ Presidential Cut Signature Collection features autographs from 5 different Presidential Candidates on limited edition insert cards. The subjects include.

Barack Obama (#’d to 15)

Hillary Clinton (#’d to 18)

John McCain (#’d to 15)

John Edwards (#’d to 15)

Fred Thompson (#’d to 15)

While Thompson and Edwards have dropped from the race, the Democratic showdown between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is mirrored in the value of what their autographed cards have sold for on eBay. Obama has taken the lead among voters and in the minds of collectors.

One of the signed Obama baseball cards sold on eBay Sunday night for $3,122 and attracted 35 bidders. Another is currently available with a high bid of over $500 and over five days remaining in the auction as of early Tuesday. Two autographed Clinton cards have sold recently with one bringing $1325 and the other just $601.

Topps will continue the election cut signature theme in Topps Series 2 with 55 different 1 of 1 Dual Cut Signature Cards featuring famous election match-ups. These will be the first dual cut signature book cards to ever be featured in the base Topps product.

Upper Deck Presidential Predictor card of Hillary Clinton Upper Deck’s Hillary as Morganna Presidential Predictor cards continue to enter the marketplace. Eight of the cards, which were pulled from circulation early in the printing process, have sold for over $1500, with a recent high price of $2425.