O.J. Dealer Suing Other Dealer; Dealer #3 in Hospital

The former auction rep who provided O..J. Simpson with reports about some of his possessions being offered in a Vegas hotel room is being sued, while one of the other men in the room that day is back in the hospital.

A memorabilia dealer who initially said he was robbed at gunpoint by Simpson during a deal gone wrong is now suing the collectibles broker that arranged the meeting.

Alfred Beardsley claims he was set up and defrauded by Thomas Riccio, a one-time partner in Universal Rarities.

The lawsuit, filed in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, Calif., alleges 10 causes of action against Riccio, ranging from fraud and invasion of privacy to infliction of emotional distress and "interference with prospective economic advantage."

In a story about the case, the Associated Press quotes Riccio says Beardsley is "delusional".

Meanwhile, Bruce Fromong, another dealer who was in the room with Beardsley and later suffered a heart attack, returned to a hospital with heart-related issues on Tuesday.

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