NSCC Show Opens

The National Sports Collectors Convention opens in Cleveland.

Andre Thornton signs autographs

It was Sneak Peak night at the 30th National Sports Collectors Convention.

Charley Trippi and Andre Thornton were signing free autographs and VIP members who paid $119 for the privilege, were walking the floor with their freebies.

James Ryan Jeansonne, collector and creator of The Sports Locker blog, offered a few thoughts:

Attending the "sneak peek" of the National Sports Collectors Convention is like having one potato chip – you can’t do it. You want more. No one eats a single chip and after getting a taste of the National Wednesday night, I’m ready for more too.

It’s hard to take everything in when you first walk through the National’s front entrance. Tristar’s autograph pavilion is making noise, a 100 year-old card worth close to a million dollars is staring at you as walk through the entrance, countless wrapper redemption promotional signs are calling your name and a giant Ferris Wheel in the middle of the Cleveland IX Center is pulling at your inner-child. What’s not to like?

In the few hours I was there Wednesday night I was able to find some old friends, meet some new dealers, and most importantly, make plans for later in the week. You can’t fully take in a once-a-year event in hours, you have to experience it in days.

If you are going to the National this week be ready to walk, get set to find anything collectible you’re looking for, and get going Thursday.

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National Sports Collectors Convention at the IX Center