Now Graded, Huge Tobacco Card Collection Generates Headlines

In late July, Saco River Auctions in Maine revealed that a family had turned over more than 1,400 cards from an original T206 collection Saco Rivercollection of T206 cards that had been accumulated more than a century ago by a Brooklyn man who apparently was quite a smoker.  The story we ran generated a lot of response and with good reason. There were multiple cards of several Hall of Famers and many of the cards were in outstanding condition.

The collection will likely bring well into seven figures when the cards are sold individually and in small lots beginning early next year.

SGC has been busy grading the collection over the last several weeks and they are now back in the hands of the auction house.

The remarkable consignment generated a New York Daily News article over the weekend and other newspapers picked up the story too.  Read more about it and see the newly graded bounty here.