Notes: Record Price for PSA 7 ’52 Mantle, Holy Grail of Hockey Cards, Fleer Retro a Hit

A Michigan dealer says he just brokered a deal that ended with the highest price ever paid for a PSA 7 graded 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle.

Kirk Wagonlander told The Ticker that the card changed hands between two “known figures in the hobby” at a price of $55,000.  That’s $12,000 more than the card was sold for two years ago according to the Traverse City dealer.

Most PSA 7 Mantle cards sell at auction in the $30-40,000 range but this one offers centering and eye appeal that would appeal to collectors.


Goodwin and Company recently sold the ‘Holy Grail of Hockey Cards’, the SGC 96 1911 C55 Imperial Tobacco Georges Vezina, for $115,950.

They also sold an SGC 92 1915 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson for $38,266.83 and a Ty Cobb graded 88 for $21,083.23.


Upper Deck’s Fleer Retro Basketball has been quite a hit with some eye-popping prices for some of the inserts and autographs.  And no, a card doesn’t always have to be autographed to bring bidders to the table.

Check out the current price on this Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems card–and it won’t close until this weekend.

Two weeks ago, a LeBron James card of this same ilk sold for $12,100.