Notes: Johnny Football’s $300,000 Jersey; Prosecutor’s Auction Filled with Fakes?

He hasn’t played in an NFL game yet, but it’s obvious Johnny Manziel knows plenty about the sports memorabilia market.  Signing autographs by the thousands Manziel 2012 jerseyfor ‘friends’ while still attending college created quite a firestorm although he received virtually no penalty.  He scored autograph contracts with trading card manufacturers immediately after his final season in January and signed thousands more autographs.  Now a fully inscribed, autographed game-worn jersey from his 2012 Heisman Trophy winning season is on eBay.

The price?

$300,000.  It’s not likely to sell at that level but if a deal is made, it’s hard to believe Johnny Football didn’t have something to do with it winding up on eBay.

There isn’t anything in the listing to indicate how it was obtained or exactly when it was worn–other than the 2012 season–but the jersey bears a multi-inscription autograph including his statistics, accomplishments and nickname.  The signature has been authenticated by PSA/DNA.

The seller says you’ll need to make a $5,000 deposit by Paypal with 24 hours.

See the listing here.


The Bergen County, New Jersey prosecutor’s office recently held an auction of items belonging to a local pharmacist who was convicted of money laundering for selling  thousands in prescription drug samples.

More than $50,000 was  raised for the county’s seized assets fund.

What was sold was only part of William Stracher’s collection, which included vintage baseball cards and other items.  The bulk–apparently legitimate–was sold at auction several years ago.

It’s the autographs sold in the prosecutor’s auction that might soon cause buyers to reach for the antacid.  They were authenticated by Drew Max, who did a turn as the ‘forensic document examiner’ on the TV show Pawn Stars, which was apparently good enough for the prosecutor.

Autograph Magazine Live’s Chris Williams says many of them were fakes–and not very good ones.