Notes: California Man Sports T206 Wagner Tattoo; ’52 Set Hits Six Figures; More Cartoons and Did Dealers Rat Out Johnny Football?

How much does Mikey Douglas of Sacramento, CA love the hobby?  Enough to get a tattoo of a T206 Honus Wagner on his calf. Mikey showed it to us via Facebook message earlier this week.

Honus Wagner tattoo on leg


Honus Wagner baseball card tattoo

Mikey’s main tattoo man, Rudy from Highlands Finest , is the artist.

Certainly a worthy candidate for grading, but it’s a heckuva hard thing to encapsulate.


Bidding will wrap up Thursday night for one of the more unique post-War baseball card sets to come down the pike in a while.  Huggins & Scott is offering a 579-card 1952 Topps set, complete with every catalogued variation—and 29 that aren’t.  The current high bid, without the buyer’s premium, is $115,000. The set includes two Mickey Mantle variations, one a PSA 7 which accounts for a good chunk of the interest in this set.  The variations, by the way, center around the stitching of the little baseball graphic on the back of the card where the number is printed.  The stitching on the variation goes in the opposite direction.


Some late nights at the office for the grading companies during last week’s National Sports Collectors Convention.  Beckett’s Andy Broome had his hands full and also found time to send out a few Tweets.  He’s a talented cartoonist and Beckett had copies of his book, Collecting the Collector, at the show. Andy Broome cartoon   Broome eBay cartoon   Broome grading cartoon ————–

Did memorabilia dealers rat out Johnny Football?

One of them says a lot of them who had Manziel items on eBay earlier this year were suspended by the auction giant for two weeks because Manziel’s family trademarked his name and nickname and told them they couldn’t use either in their listings.

CBS Sports talked with one who said, “All of us dealers, and I’m talking like 500 of us, had items on eBay related to Johnny Manziel.  They weren’t necessarily signed by him. I had Heisman programs from where he won the Heisman. So on that listing it would say, ‘Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football, Texas A&M Heisman Program.’ eBay swiped across the country and took all of those items down. All of ’em. And, in addition to that, they banned everyone who had done it for two weeks. No prior warning or nothing.”

Read more here.  And below is an interview on the subject from Thursday’s Dan Patrick Show.