Notebook: NFL Authentication Program?; Upper Deck is 25; Cool Old Photos; Canada’s Olympic Jerseys

New York GiantsWe haven’t heard a lot about the case filed by collector/dealer Eric Inselberg against Eli Manning and the New York Giants over the helmets and jerseys he’s claiming were not game used.

One collector says he’s pretty certain one of the Eli Manning helmets he purchased for over $4,000 never saw the playing field.

That, according to Michael O’Keeffe in the Daily News, has collectors wondering why the NFL doesn’t try to emulate Major League Baseball’s authentication program, which stations at least one representative at every game, tagging and recording game worn and game used items.  Read the story here.


Case 1989 Upper Deck baseball cardsA hobby milestone passed yesterday.  It was 25 years ago Sunday that the first case of Upper Deck Baseball cards was delivered to a hobby shop in Tulsa, OK.  No one really knew if the new product would be successful.  A buck a pack?  That was a lot of money for baseball cards in those days.

Since 25 years have passed, it’s kind of hard to put into perspective what a huge impact Upper Deck had on the hobby when it arrived in 1989.  Foil packs?  Holograms?  These were not your father’s baseball cards.

The company has had its share of ups and downs since, but they are rightfully taking the rest of this year to celebrate that silver anniversary by giving away prizes and such.  Nothing has been released yet, but we’ll try to keep you posted.


Christy Mathewson Charles Conlon photo 1912Can one ever get tired of looking at old sports photos?  I can’t.

A 1912 Christy Mathewson photo by Charles Conlon sold for $4,456 via RMY Auctions over the weekend.  The company held its Premier February auction with a lot of the images originating in a Cleveland newspaper archive.  Most had the original paper captions attached.

There were over 400 images offered and while many could be had within the budget of most collectors, a 1912 Joe Jackson image went for $3,012 and a shot of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and the Waner brothers before the 1927 World Series went for $2,243.

MarisHRSix photos sold for over $1,000 all told.

At left is a photo I don’t think I’ve seen before.  It’s a different angle of Roger Maris’ 61st home run.  Tracy Stallard, who surrendered the homer, is on the mound, head down, as Maris circles the bases and the arrow in the stands points to Sal Durante, Casey Stengel Brooklyn Dodgers manager 1934the fan who caught the ball.  You can see the eBay listing for this one here.

80 years ago Sunday, Casey Stengel signed a contract to take over as manager of the Brooklyn #Dodgers. As the reporters smoked away, Casey regaled them with his philosophy in this original wire photo that was eBay last week.   Things didn’t go so great there, but he had a lot better luck with the Yankees a couple of decades later.


Now that Canada has won another gold medal in hockey, you can expect the group of game-worn jerseys Hockey Canada is selling on eBay to go for a lot more.  The auctions close Monday and the Sidney Crosby jersey had already been bid over $15,000 by Sunday night.