Notebook: Card Shop Business, Autographs in Cooperstown

ShopOwnerYahoo Sports has been running a ‘Toughest Jobs in Sports’ series and their latest article puts running a sports card shop in that category.

Jeff Eisenberg spoke with shop owners, those who’ve closed their store, collectors, a few of us observers and others for his story,which you can read here.


It was a big weekend in Cooperstown with six new Hall of Fame inductees bringing thousands of fans.  As always, there were current and former players set up around town, including Pete Rose, all trying to rake in a few bucks for their signature.

The New York Daily News took in the scene.


You hope most of the paid autographs were legible.  Poor penmanship seems to be an epidemic among today’s young players in all four major sports.  Whether it’s a lack of care, a time crunch or having to sign too many, trying to read all of the autographs on an autographed baseball is sometimes impossible.

The Sun-Chronicle talked with members of the Pawtucket Red Sox about signing their names.