Notebook: Beat Up Cards, Autograph Dealer Hits the Road, Guerrero Gift

If you are more interested in owning a lot of cards than you are just a few minty ones, you’ve got company.

T206 Ty Cobb low gradeAnthony Tarantino’s blog, Poor Old Baseball Cards, is devoted to the creased, pock-marked, gum-stained, drawn on cards you may have had when you were too young to know better.  He has old tobacco cards that are barely recognizable.  Mickey Mantle cards that have been altered to turn The Mick into a professorial pipe-smoker.

He’s been laboring quietly but on Tuesday, his unique collecting style was featured in this story on


What do you give a new manager as a welcoming present?

Candlesticks always make a nice gift.

Or, if you are Jeff Knotts of Wadesboro, North Carolina and you have a box full of Pedro Guerrero cards, you package them up and send them across the country.

Knotts shipped a huge batch of Guerreros to Vallejo, CA where Pedro is the new skipper of the Admirals, a minor league club that the former Dodger will manage this summer.

He thinks they could be of use to build some camaraderie  with fans in a variety of ways, which he explains to the Times-Herald.

Rocky Colavito


You may go to a lot of shows, whether you’re a big time dealer or a collector who’s not afraid to find hit the road.  It’s not likely you put more miles on your vehicle than Chris Potter.

The man who runs Chris Potter Sports has carved a fairly unique niche:  a mobile autograph business.

He contacts former players–some well known and many just journeymen–from years gone by and sets up private autograph signings.  The players get paid, Potter gets inventory he can sell at a reasonable price and collectors get guarantees they’ll get their item back, signed how they want it.

Later this week, Potter will pack up his vehicle–this time with his dad in tow–and head out to visit dozens of players.  Here’s a look at who he’s going to see and how it’s coming together.