Not All Younger Collectors Go for the Shiny Stuff

What makes a 15-year-old and his dad drive 90 miles to go to a small card show?  The chance to buy old tobacco cards, of course.

Joshua Wasilewski and his father John came to Colonie, New York from Belmont, Vermont last weekend.  It was just another journey in Josh’s quest to buy more century-old cards.

While most teenage collectors seem to gravitate toward today’s unopened packs and boxes, Josh and his dad decided about two and a half years ago to focus on something more unique.

Doing online research, hanging out in forums and asking questions has increased his interest in the old stuff.  He gets to learn about the turn of the century players in the set and how different things were.

His passion caught the eye of  the Troy Record’s Ian Benjamin, who focused on Josh and his dad in this story on the local card show.