No PCCE Event in 2010

Ryan Friedman, owner of the Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition tells us that the event will not take place in 2010.

The PCCE debuted in 2008 at Chicago’s Stephens Convention Center as an alternative to the same, old style card/autograph show.  It was presented as an industry conference around a show and while the concept was sound, the challenging economic conditions haven’t made it easy to sell the event to dealers or sponsors. 

The first show featured panel discussions with Q&A, seminars, a dinner and other presentations.   Friedman announced the show would go on hiatus in 2009, with an eye on the spring of next year but couldn’t garner enough support to do things in the first class manner he was after.

"After a successful 2008 PCCE event, I was excited to move forward and make the PCCE the marque event for collectors. Unfortunately, our industry, the economy, and other factors, wouldn’t lend itself to a successful and high-quality event that dealers, industry experts, auction companies, authentication companies, and collectors have come to expect from the Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition,” said Friedman.

Friedman says it’s possible he’ll consider reviving the PCCE down the road, but the show will definitely not happen next year.

Collectors who are interested in viewing all of the panel discussions and keynote speeches from the inaugural PCCE event can still do so by visiting Auction Report and clicking on the “Videos” link.