Nice Gig: Dealer Sells Cards at Yankee Stadium

With a history that dates back over a century and maybe the most passionate fan base in baseball, the New York Yankees have a connection to the game that’s tailor made for sports memorabilia dealers.

Fans simply can’t get enough.

Andre Chiavelli and New Jersey Nets' guard Devin HarrisIn recent years, the team has embraced its history more than ever through baseball cards.  For Andre Chiavelli, it’s meant the opportunity to sell vintage baseball cards at the ballpark and build his eBay store and memorabilia business at the same time.

Showing off items to a captive audience is always the best way to make a buck.

“The wonderful thing about Yankee collectors is that they love the memorabilia and the history,” he says.  “It’s great when you’re selling something and people appreciate that you found it and had it.”

In an interview with The Back Sports Page, Chiavelli talked about being a dealer at the ballpark, the state of the hobby and one deceased player whose cards are in high demand.