Nice Gesture, But Perry’s Super Bowl Ring Likely a Replica

Exactly why he sold it is a bit of mystery, but in 2007, William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry’s Super Bowl XX championship ring went on the auction block.

The size 23 monster was sold for over $27,000 by the now defunct Mastro Auctions.

Super Bowl rings aren’t cheap…authentic ones given to famous players anyway.

Super Bowl XX Bears William Perry ringPerry was back in the Chicago area over the weekend, making a personal appearance and was surprised when a young fan came up–not old enough to have been born when the ’85 Bears beat the Patriots–and presented him with his Super Bowl ring.

Along with it, came this story about the kid and his parents using part of his college fund to buy the ring just so they could present it to Perry, who at times has been down on his luck.

According to the article, the purchase price was $8500.   Coincidentally or not, a salesman’s sample Perry ring is listed as sold here for that same amount.

It’s not likely the real deal could have been picked up for some $19,000 less three years after it was originally sold.


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