NHL Star McCarty in Debt; Selling

NHL star Darren McCarty is selling much of his personal property to pay debts. His Stanley Cup rings and trophies could be sold off by the end of the year but he says it’ll never happen.

Calgary Flames forward Darren McCarty’s financial troubles have reached the boiling point.

The 2004-05 lockout apparently pushed the former Detroit Red Wing over the edge.

A couple of news outlets report McCarty, who last year filed for bankruptcy claiming debts of $6.2 million and assets of $1.9 million, will auction many of his belongings Nov. 5

"There’s a lot of stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary," the Detroit News quoted Curtis Kaye, owner of C.B. Kaye & Associates, which is handling the auction. "Darren appears to be a regular guy, a guy’s guy. It’s a typical case of this nature."

No hockey memorabilia will be a part of next weekend’s sale, but McCarty’s three Stanley Cup rings and replica trophies may be sold in a future auction according to the auction company’s website. Not so, says McCarty in the Calgary Sun.

We’re left with one question. How in the world can you blow the earnings of an entire pro sports career that quickly if your name isn’t Mike Tyson? Click here for McCarty’s explanation.

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