NFL’s Licensing Director Loves His Work

It’s not all fun and games but for Richard Seidlitz, being the guy in charge of helping NFL teams making money through trading card deals and other projects is a pretty cool job.

Richard Seidlitz worked in the sports memorabilia industry–first as ScoreBoard, then later at Topps. Now he’s rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in the NFL.

He’s the league’s Director of Licensing, keeping tabs on the deals in place with companies like Upper Deck, Donruss and his old employers at Topps. But the job entails much more than the card business.

He’s constantly on the lookout for ways to expand the revenue that pours into the league that shows no sign of losing popularity with fans around the world.

In a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal’s Career section, Seidlitz passed along some details on what he does, how he got there and how others can break into the sports business field.