NFL Rookie Avalanche Continues with 2012 Bowman Sterling Football

Not sick of this year’s NFL rookie class yet?  Topps will lay one more rookie-centric football card set on the hobby later this week with the arrival of 2012 Bowman Sterling football.  The brand is more closely aligned with baseball but this year’s first-year class has created such a buzz, it’s possible that the football issue will emerge as the more successful product.

Robert Griffin III autographed rookie relicDon’t look for Sterling in your local Walmart or Target.  It’s again a hobby-only issue, heavy on autographs and relic cards.

2012 Bowman Sterling Russell Wilson autographSixty different players have signed autographs for Sterling and all will be numbered.  Also numbered will be five different types of refractors, none numbered to more than 99.

Each box will contain six five-card packs, which will include three rookie cards from the 100-card rookie-only base set, one rookie autograph and one jumbo relic card.

2012 Bowman Sterling Andrew Luck Boxes will feature four rookie autographs, one rookie auto relic, one rookie auto patch, five jumbo relics, one jumbo patch card and one rookie patch box topper.

New this year will be cards made of sterling silver and numbered to ten.

Other major pulls will include dual, triple and quad autographs which will include veterans and rookies.  Super rare six auto patch relics are numbered to just five.

The case bonus is a Prism Refractor Dual Auto Relic.

A high end product, 2012 Bowman Sterling football will  cost dealers a little over $200 per box.  Click below for some preview images.

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