News & Notes: Sir, Are Those Packs in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

We’ve seen some wild and wacky stories involving theft cases over the six and a half years we’ve been producing Sports Collectors Daily and many of them involve folks who try to get creative in their shoplifting efforts.

A 30-year-old man in Fort Walton Beach, FL has been arrested and charged with theft after a security officer at the local Walmart says he saw the man grab some boxes of football cards and head for the men’s department.

Northwest Florida Daily News picks up the story from there.


A Joliet, IL card shop holds a party every month where collectors get together and someone could walk away with a huge stack of unopened packs.  The owner of the shop, Jeff DeGraw, pulls one pack out of each new product and puts it into a box.  They hold a drawing from tickets that are distributed with purchases and like the Powerball drawing, they haven’t had a winner in awhile so the pot is getting pretty big.  It sounds like kind of a neat idea.  Here’s the rest of the story from the Herald-News.


Topps has begun offering deals via email through its online store.  If you sign up, each day you’ll get a message with a special offer.  The last few days those offers have been centered around free retail or blaster boxes with the purchase of a regular 24-count box of the same product.


COMC’s weekend promotion seems to have been a hit, despite some early trouble Friday with overload, which caused the site to run slowly.  Many of the sales through COMC are now coming through, which now has hundreds of thousands of sports cards and memorabilia on its massive website.  It’s worth checking out as many cards are priced at rock bottom, including some modern era graded material.

Click here to check it out–and they probably wouldn’t mind if you bought a $199 Kindle Fire while you were there.


Boxing gloves Ali ListonWhat’s the top selling item in SCP Auctions’ current sale?  Not Ozzie Smith’s Gold Gloves.  Not Babe Ruth’s old Yankee sweater.

It’s the gloves Muhammad Ali wore when he beat Sonny Liston in their famous fight back in 1964.  With nearly a week still left in the bidding, the gloves, which are part of the Angelo Dundee Collection, have been bid up to $219,615.   Ali’s gloves from the ‘Fight of the Century’ with Joe Frazier are at nearly $200,000.  Those prices, by the way, don’t include the buyer’s premium that will be tacked on at the end.

Ozzie’s Gold Gloves, by the way, stand at $85,598.