Editor’s Blog: KC Star Hops on ‘Cards are Dead’ Bandwagon, Kid Stunned Over Becoming Football Hall’s 9 Millionth Visitor

It’s All-Star week in Kansas City and the city’s biggest newspaper used the opportunity to do a story on the baseball card industry and conclude it has been “in a precipitous decline”.   They’ve essentially re-written the same story that’s been done several dozen times over the last decade, quoting the insane early 1990s sales and hobby shop figures to come to the conclusion that baseball cards are dying a slow death (stop me if you’ve heard this before).

While high pack prices are certainly a major concern to the industry and have been for some time and while it’s not likely there will ever be as many kids into cards as there were 20 years ago, there wasn’t much effort to go beyond the “video games won” angle.

At least there was a ray of hope offered at the end so as not to dampen the All-Star glow.  Here’s the story.


The Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomed its nine millionth visitor on Sunday and it’ll be a day ten-year-old Alex Duff of York, Pa. will never forget.  Vacationing with his father Bob, mother Kristen, and older brother Joshua, Alex was selected as the Hall of Fame’s 9 millionth visitor.

Pro Football Hall of Fame 9 millionth visitorHe was showered with prizes that included a lifetime pass to the Hall of Fame, a custom “9 million” t-shirt, a $1,000  gift card to the Hall of Fame store, and a copy of the new .  In addition, the fifth grader at Dallastown Area Intermediate School will be featured on a commemorative football card produced by Panini.

You can watch the video of the big surprise here.

According to the Hall, the excited Pittsburgh Steelers fan was stunned by the attention and had just one word to describe his newfound celebrity status, “Amazing!”  The Pro Football Hall of Fame first opened in September of 1963.  Ten years later, they celebrated their one millionth visitor.  They hit five million in 1991.

The original two-building complex, containing 19,000 square feet of interior space, has grown to 118,000 square feet. The Hall of Fame has had four major expansions in its nearly 50-year history – 1971, 1978, 1995, and the current “Future 50” Expansion & Renovation Project.


Our favorite Facebook post of the week comes from the crew at Cardboard Connection:

Awhile back we had the misfortune of pulling a Michael Vick patch card. We sold it on eBay and matched the sale price and donated all proceeds to ASPCA. Consider donating today. http://www.aspca.org/Home/Donate

I’d love to see a hobby wide effort to do the same or donate to your local animal shelter.


Here’s another good deed option for you.  Collector Samuel Annable, who works in the front office of a minor league baseball team,  is trying to trade a pair of blue dice into something big enough he can sell to send a terminally ill child to the Super Bowl.  He’s already made one trade.  Now, he’s hoping to get others involved.  Give him the advantage in each trade and he’ll work his way up.  He explains his inspiration for the idea in a blog he’s set up to chronicle the project.