News & Notes: Collectors Talk Hobby History, Future; Halls of Fame too Quiet?, SLU Grading

The hobby is alive in central Louisiana, where  folks turn to a card show to get their fix, whether it’s vintage singles or modern wax.

notebookThe, a local media outlet, went to a show to find out about what makes collectors tick and get their thoughts on the hobby’s past and present.  Read it here.


Not quite so optimistic is a Wall Street Journal story lamenting the drops in attendance at the various sports halls of fame, including Cooperstown.  Are people really just not into looking at sports history anymore?  Is it just a blip in the road?  Or are the halls behind the times when it comes to connecting with potential visitors online?

The Journal takes on the trend.


Two Wall Street Journal stories on sports memorabilia inside of a week?  It’s true…

With the British Open getting underway this week, they asked the question of whether it might be time to invest in golf memorabilia.


Starting Lineup figures were all the rage in the 1980’s and early 90’s.  Now, a Cincinnati shop owner has started a grading site for the little plastic figures.  Hank Reed collected them growing up.  He thinks some of those kids who are now grown-ups are starting to get back into the hobby and re-connect with the thousands of little MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL players you used to find at discount department stores and such.

There are still plenty of SLU collectors out there and talked to some of them–and to the former NFL player who was at the forefront of the business.