News and Notes

Marc Ecko, the hip-hop fashion mogul who bought Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball for over $750,000 two years ago, is apparently having some financial trouble.

The ball wound up having an asterisk placed on it after fan voting and landed in the Hall of Fame.

The New York Post reports that Ecko’s business hasn’t been doing so well, but he’s working on selling his brand to another company.

Oakland A’s rookie Matt Carson hit his first major league home run this week. He apparently couldn’t have found a worse place for it to land.

An enterprising fan caught the ball and either knew it was his first or found out pretty quickly. The fan tried to hold the young player up for a ransom–$10,000 was the figure trotted out there by Carson, but he couldn’t be sure he heard right.

Good luck with that.

"Kind of a bummer," Carson told the San Francisco Chronicle. "They authenticated the bat I used, though, so I’ll do something with that.

"It would have been nice to have the ball, and I would have been happy to give him a bat and signed it — that’s more than a baseball, anyway. But that’s OK, I have a souvenir, I’m happy."

Legendary Auctions has joined forces with Gaynor & Dent auctions to help facilitate the sale of over 3 million it purchased recently. The photographs span decades and include significant figures from varying sports, poignant scenes from the turn-of-the-century, entertainment icons and other notable individuals and events in history including the Civil Rights movement.

The massive photograph archive will be sold in several upcoming Legendary Auctions Premier sales events, through an eBay presence – Legendary Photos and as components featured in future Gaynor & Dent auctions.

“This is one of the largest photo offerings ever made public and its’ overwhelming diversity required a variety of sales channels to do it justice,” said Legendary’s Doug Allen.

The first installment in the series of auctions closes next week.