News and Notes: Abdul-Jabbar Settles with Upper Deck, Collector Needs Multiple Transplants

There will apparently be no Upper Deck vs. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar trial.

The $1 million suit filed by the basketball Hall of Famer over the use of his image in a 2010 Upper Deck product was settled just as jury selection was getting underway in Los Angeles on Monday.

Coincidentally, it was Kareem’s 65th birthday (SAY WHAT?!).

When cases are settled between attorneys the details of who got what are rarely revealed.  There’s still an outside chance it may not be completely over, but that’s the way it appears, according to attorney/collector Paul Lesko.


No game used jerseys from Sunday’s Jackie Robinson Day have popped up on the MLB Auctions website as of yet, but we do know Curtis Granderson’s shirt and spikes will be offered.  The team-signed jerseys are online though.  You can check them out here.


If you are getting ready to leave this site right now, wait just two more minutes.   We can all spare two minutes, two bucks, two prayers…anything for a Philadelphia sports fan and his family in dire need of help.

John Braicher has gastroschisis.  He’s had it for years…and things aren’t getting any better.

We might say we ‘need’ a card for our collections. Here’s what’s on John’s want list:  “Liver, pancreas, small intestine and stomach, and the stomach and the small intestine are the ones I really need the most.”

Read his story here and share it with as many people as you can who might be able to do something.