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You can ask whatever you like for a piece of sports memorabilia, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth that much.  Case in point, an eBay seller who bought a pair of Pat Tillman’s old cleats and got them autographed before the former Arizona Cardinal went of to far and was tragically killed.  Jerry Martin has them listed for…are you sitting down?

$3.2 million.

He talked with KPHO-TV (watch here) where he mentioned a minimum, too.   It’s good publicity for his other auctions (see here) and we’re guessing that might be the reason for the outlandish price tag.


Next time you’re bidding on a piece of vintage St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia, you might be bidding against…the St. Louis Cardinals.  Owner Bill DeWitt, a big collector himself, is trying to accumulate memorabilia to put inside the team’s museum when it re-opens.  He told Brian Walton of that the team has spent a LOT of money over the last ten years, browsing through auction catalogs and finding pieces they think would be a good fit.

The story, though, indicates the museum’s opening is being held up by the lack of building in the Ballpark Village area behind Busch Stadium.  It was supposed to be thriving with shops, restaurants and other businesses and be home to the museum.  The Cardinals shut down the old one in anticipation of the new one being built to much fanfare, but it’s been slow going.


Ryan Braun was scheduled to sign autographs during the Milwaukee Brewers winter fan fest, but the club decided at the last minute to pull him off because, according to club officials, both Braun and the team “came to the conclusion that this is too sensitive of a time in the confidential process for him to attend this year.”  The Brewers are likely being a little over cautious but it’s a bummer for fans–and just a day after the team officially bid farewell to Braun’s power partner, Prince Fielder.

Oh, but they’ll be smiling after seeing this 1992 commercial featuring a very young Prince and his dad, Cecil, who was a big star at the time:


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