Newark Loves it’s baseball cards !?!

Internet search engine powerhouse Google is now showing us where and what we’re looking for. Survey says….Newark, New Jersey loves it’s baseball cards.

At, you can type in a search term and it will show you which metropolitan area searches that term the most.

St. Louis actually had more searches for ‘baseball cards’ than any other, but one could assume some of those searches were for the baseball team rather than the product. Thus, Newark appears to head the list of dedicated card collectors.


Rochester, New York is the undisputed king of searches for ‘football cards’ with, not surprisingly, Pittsburgh a solid number two, followed by Columbus, Ohio, smack dab in the middle of Bengals and Browns territory.

NBA hotbeds San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis and Sacramento own the top four spots in Google’s searches for ‘basketball cards’.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas..except this. We now know that the desert city is atop the list in searches for ‘sports memorabilia’. Tampa is second followed by Sydney, Australia (probably not searching for baseball cards), then New York and St. Louis.

Philadelphians show their Brotherly Love when it comes to card gatherings. The city leads the pack in searches for ‘card shows’ with Chicago second, Seattle third and New York fourth.