New Yankees Book; Old Yankees Collection


There’s a new book out with hundreds of iconic Yankees photographs through the years, while we meet one of the club’s biggest fans and collectors in… Utah?

For Bob Albertelli, every day is the World Series.

The New York native has followed the pinstripers since he was a young man growing up there. He wound up about as far as you can get from the city without leaving the USA.

Albertellii now lives in Utah, but his passion for the Yankees is intact. He talked about his team and a little about his collection with the Deseret News.

After the World Series ended this week, KSL-TV stopped by to tour his collection–and his dad’s connection to the Babe.

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Meanwhile, Associated Press photo editor Chris Zoeller was on Fox News, touting a nifty new square-sized book chock full of some of the best Yankee images of all-time.

From the Babe’s era to the modern day stadium, the AP has been capturing great photographs. Check out a few of them in the video below. You can buy the book here.

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