New Website Focuses on Vintage Hockey Cards

The NHL lockout has deprived fans of a 2012-13 NHL season, which means collectors of hockey cards and memorabilia are turning their focus toward the great players of the past.  Vezina.  Howe.  Orr. LaFleur. Dryden. Gretzky.  All live on through their trading cards, many of which have attracted investors attention as well.  Now, a new website Rookie card Bobby Orraims to stoke the passion of collectors at a time when it’s needed most.  Vintage Graded Hockey Cards ( features an ever growing series of articles on the classic cards from the past as well as opportunities to add to your collection.

Designed for novice and intermediate collectors,the site offers a short history of hockey cards as well as stories about the iconic Parkhurst sets of the 1950s and other rare cards, autographed cards, hockey memorabilia and even where to find the best old hockey cards to buy without breaking your budget.

Many of the great hockey rookie cards of the past have sold for record setting prices in recent years as investors join collectors in the marketplace.  Vintage cards are essentially recession-proof and rarely affected by labor trouble that sometimes plagues modern trading card issues when players and owners squabble.

Thanks to a partnership with eBay, Vintage Graded Hockey Cards also offers links to classic hockey cards for sale in real time.

More articles will be added to the website in the coming weeks.


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    New Website Focuses on Vintage Hockey Cards