New Website Focuses on Iconic Vintage Football Cards

Just in time for the start of the post-season, a new website has arrived, focusing on some of the greatest pro football players of all-time and their top cards.  Vintage Graded Football Cards offers articles on more than 20 of the best, most important football cards.

Readers will find information on the player’s career and an examination of his most well-known card and what makes it a favorite of collectors.

From the 18Graded vintage football cards website88 Harry Beecher to the 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr to the 2000 SP Authentic Tom 1957 Johnny UnitasBrady rookie card, collectors will learn a little about the scarcity of graded cards and what one can expect to pay to get one.

What did one collector/investor pay for one of the few mint 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski cards?  You may not believe it.

Why is a card of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame still a solid choice even though it was produced years after they played their last game?

In 1966, two players on the same team who went on to Hall of Fame careers appeared on football cards for the first time.  Find out who they are and which one is so tough to find in a graded mint 9.

Vintage is in the eye of the beholder, so those of you who were kids in the 1980s and 90s and always wanted a Joe Montana, John Elway or Dan Marino rookie card but couldn’t afford one, will see them featured too.

Beneath each article are links to those graded cards currently available on eBay.

Its online article library will continue to grow in time.  If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these highly sought after cards, Vintage Graded Football Cards offers a place to gather information and learn more about them.


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