Gretzky Rookie Cards Are Focus of New Website

When hockey fans think of greatness on ice, most still immediately think of Wayne Gretzky. Much like other great athletes of his time, the Gretzky sports memorabilia chase will always be a hot one.  Now, a new web site has launched, devoted  to Gretzky rookie cards.  Featuring articles that appeal to collectors and fans alike, also features links to the latest deals on Gretzky hockey cards and memorabilia.

PSA 10 Gretzky rookie cardThere’s no secret that Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will probably always rule the want lists of passionate hockey collectors   The site also will focus on what is generally considered as “The Holy Grail” of the hockey card world. The 1979-80 Topps Wayne Gretzky card (and it’s pricier Canadian counterpart, OPC) is still considered by some to be the most valuable asset and dream purchase for those who truly value hockey memorabilia. The related internet searches for this highly valued piece of the Gretzky memorabilia puzzle will continue to climb as memories of his dominance escalate into often accurate storybook fables.  A PSA 10 Gretzky rookie card was sold for a staggering record price of $94,163 this year-illustrating the strength of this card, several years after The Great One retired.

Gretzky Rookie Card will not be limited to information on the actual rookie cards.  Other Gretzky memorabilia are highlighted throughout the website thanks to the website’s partnerships with eBay and Amazon.  There is even a “Gretzky Store” where fans can purchase hundreds of Gretzky items via including autographed memorabilia.

Other features include famous Gretzky quotes and a look at his arrival in the World Hockey Association in 1978-79 and features on Gretzky photos, the best Gretzky cards beyond the iconic ’79-80 issues and more.

The site also briefs visitors on the current value of the infamous 1979-80 Gretzky rookie cards and provide information on where interested parties can find them.